Saturday, 11 August 2007

Think Yourself Thin

I got these great tips on Hope you can use them

Old loop: I ordered the grilled cheese, so why not get the fries, too?
Switch to… One treat at a time. I'm indulging in grilled cheese, so I'll trade the fries for a salad

Old loop: I'll just have this one cookie.
Switch to… If I can't stop at one or two cookies, I shouldn't have any at all.

Old loop: My husband says I look fat, so I guess I should start exercising.
Switch to… I want to get in shape for myself, not for him

Old loop: What's the point of losing weight during the winter? I'll get in shape come summer. Switch to… By eating more now, I'm creating a lot of extra work for myself when spring rolls around.

Old loop: Fat runs in my family, so why bother exercising?
Switch to… I can't change my DNA, but I can change my fate.

Old loop: After that grueling workout, I deserve a bacon double cheeseburger.
Switch to… After busting my butt at the gym, my body deserves the VIP treatment.

Old loop: I'll grab a candy bar to get me through my mid afternoon slump.
Switch to… When my energy flags, I need food that will help me go the distance.

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