Thursday, 30 August 2007

Coke Zero

The new and improve Coke Zero

I’m not to coke light. I just don’t like it.
But one day I was with my neighbour, and he offer me a coke.
I love coke, but what I didn’t now was , the only cola he had was coke Zero.
Yes have see it on TV, but i havn't tried it becouse I normally don’t like light soda.
But he serve it ice cold. And YES now I drink coke ZERO.

We all have seen the advertising “Life as it should be”.
Now YOU can direct your own movie with “Life as it should be”.Make it today and sent it to all your friends.Go there today and give it a try.

Coke zero


Akavar 2050 said...

i dont like coke zero too much, altho i do think its a little bit better than diet coke :o

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