Wednesday, 8 August 2007

‘Lose 10 Pounds, 10 Years, in 5 Weeks!

Lose 10 Pounds, 10 Years, in 5 Weeks!’ is 385 pages and over 60,000 words, but it is NOT filled with medical or fitness jargon that is ambiguous and aims to confuse you in order to blame YOU for your lack of results.

Mike is committed to you and your weight loss. It is time the diet and weight loss myths, scams, hype, and sheer marketing tricks we’re blown away and replaced with a truthful, honest, no-holds-barred, weight loss system with cast-iron results!Individuals such as yourself are being lied to and having your hard earned money stolen from you through big promises that simply don’t deliver. The diet and fitness industries are multi-billion dollar businesses, but are we now living in a world of lean and healthy people? No, there are scams and useless products everywhere!! Do not fall prey to these fat cats, learn the honest and truthful habits and behaviours for lasting and permanent weight loss!!

Features of the Ebook
√ Learn what no health & fitness club will tell you! You wouldn’t either if you were them!

√ Ignite your metabolism and motivation!

√ Know all the fat burning secrets of celebrity diets!

√ Discover the diet & fitness truths that only few know of!

√ The ultimate guaranteed weight loss system designed for specific results!

√ Super charge your discipline, determination & desire!

√ Why aerobic classes are useless and dangerous!

√ How to accurately determine your daily calorie needs!

√ Exposing the truth behind ineffective home fitness equipment that ends up becoming expensive clothing racks!

√ Learn the secret marketing hype and scams that costs us billions!

√ How to burn more fat whilst you’re sitting or sleeping!

√ Why you are failing to lose weight under ‘expert’ diets!

√ 22 exercises you’re not doing but must be doing now!

√ The 10 most ineffective and dangerous exercises you’re probably undertaking in your health & fitness club!√ The 10 greatest exercises of all time!

√ A simple 12 step process that you can put into action immediately!

√ Why most people have given up on their diets!√ Endless amounts of secret tips, strategies, and eye-opening truths that will guarantee your successful weight-loss!

√ A winning weight loss system that allows you to eat all your favourite foods! You just need to know when and the proper ratio for eating them!

√ Never be on a diet again for the rest of your life!

√ Why the supplement and diet industry wants you to remain confused over your ineffective weight loss!

√ Why most Personal Trainers cannot achieve successful and permanent weight loss with their clients!

√ Uncover the ‘Master Hormone’ with breakthrough exercise strategies not taught in any health & fitness club!

√ Discover why your local health & fitness club isn’t equipped for the figure you want to achieve!

√ Learn how to control your destiny and organise your schedule to achieve your maximum physical and life potential!

√ Lose as much weight as you want and choose the figure you’d love to have!

√ Become an assertive, confident, and pro-active individual, and start achieving the things you’ve always wanted in your life!

√ The top ten best foods you should be eating!

√ The top ten worst foods for gaining body fat and ill health!

√ Obliterate conventional training and exercise methods that produce NO results!

√ Uncover the secrets of the best Trainers in the world today!

√ Be aware of other weight loss systems with the small print: RESULTS NOT TYPICAL!YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY!

√ Why fixed weight machines are ineffective and potentially dangerous to your health!

√ Triple your energy levels in only two days!

√ Learn the fat melting secrets only celebrities know about to create that sleek & slender figure!

√ Why eating ‘good fats’ can be detrimental to your health and even make you fatter!

√ Learn the greatest strategy ever designed for fat burning! GUARANTEED!!

√ Know how to see through deceiving food labels that can contain TWICE as many calories and fat as you think!

“Mike is completely passionate about health and fitness and is a wonderful motivator.
He is tireless, compassionate and makes working out something to look forward to.”
Singer Gwen Stefani.

“Mike helped me mature physically when turning professional by introducing me to numerous training techniquesthat I had never heard of before and they dramatically increased my size, strength and power, which helped me overcome many of my opponents.”
Alex ArthurWorld Boxing Title Contender.

“Mike Heatlie is the best trainer I have worked with. He is professional and consistent in regards to exercise and diet. In addition to motivating me to stick with the programs that are laid out, he is a pleasure to be around in a work environment which he has proven time and time again over long trips that we have done together around the world.”
Adrian Young, Musician.

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