Wednesday, 8 August 2007

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The Best Weight Lifting Diets

Before I give a meal plan guideline, I feel that I must first give some background on where the structure of the plan is being generated. With over a decade of experience working with athletes, bodybuilders and just regular people, as a dietitian, I have been able to narrow down what really works and what is just a bunch of bologna!

Weight lifting diets are no different than any other diets . Just using the word diet insinuates the user is trying to lose weight. So, I m going to use meal plan . Weight lifting meal plans, weight loss meal plans, weight gain meal plans, bodybuilding meal plans, etc., are all basically the same. They all must consist of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Not to mention, all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to work properly.

2. You may feel tired on the Atkins diet. When your body switches its fuel source from carbs to ketones in the first few days of the Atkins diet you may feel some form of fatigue. The tired feeling should begin to settle out as your body begins to adjust to the Atkins diet.

3. You eat fewer vegetables on the Atkins diet. The Atkins diet promotes more meat and fewer vegetables. Vegetables are an important source of minerals, fiber and calcium. When your body shifts to the Atkins diet you may suffer a loss in vegetable intake.

After you read the three good points of the Atkins diet and the three bad points of the Atkins diet it is up to you and your doctor to decide if the Atkins diet is the best choice for you.

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