Wednesday, 8 August 2007

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Exercise and Atkins - A Great Combo for Success!

One of the key ways to succeed at the Atkins diet is to include exercise with your diet.

The Atkins diet folks themselves stress this as a key motivator for following and staying on the Atkins diet. Exercise makes you happy and happy about yourself. It is an important ingredient in the overall format of the Atkins diet and a crucial part of succeeding at the Atkins diet.

When you stay on an exercise regimen you can allow yourself more choices of Atkins food, which in turn keeps you from being bored with the meals and helps you succeed at the Atkins diet.

The key to your Atkins diet and exercise combination is choosing exercise you enjoy. If you are quiet, for example, you may enjoy the peace of a walk early in the morning. Or if you think you need to help yourself succeed at the Atkins diet in a more energized robust way join an exercise or fitness class or club.

If you've got a busy schedule and taking the time to go to the club or even the track is more than you can easily accomplish get yourself a home gym or DVD with your favorite form of exercise.

If moral support or companionship is important find a friend to work out or walk with.

Whatever form of exercise you choose to help you succeed at your Atkins diet set a goal and a schedule for yourself and follow it diligently. Don't let yourself get bogged down in "I should have worked out but I was so busy." If you do this you are cheating yourself and you're endangering your chances of succeeding at the Atkins diet.

Keep to your exercise schedule and you will succeed at the Atkins diet.

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