Wednesday, 8 August 2007

No dieting, no exercise, no pills, no stress -

Dear Friend,

This brand new, proven, 31-Day EWD Success System is a revolutionary new health, wealth and weight-loss program that has been 76 years in the making.

And it's available to you right now.

If you need to lose weight - forever - you've come to exactly the right place!

The Easy Way to Diet requires no pills, no special foods, there's no calorie counting and no furious exercising. Simply follow my unique 6-Step program, act on the completely pain-free instructions and, bam, see the excess weight start to fall off!

There are no special recipes, no physical effort on your part and hunger pangs? Well, they are definitely a thing of the past.

Keep using this unique Easy Way to Diet System and keep the weight off! Get down to your ideal weight within weeks and stay there - for life!

Using your system for 2 months, I lost everything - all the fat I'd put on in the last 20 years. You're a star, Rob, don't let anyone take that away!Helen Burridge, IOW, England.

What's Important to You?

* Looking good?

* Feeling great?

* Liking yourself?

* Never being embarrassed about your weight again?

Imagine walking onto the beach in your new bathers, grinning from ear to ear, getting admiring glances. You can be there - automatic weight loss happens within days.

This all new 31-Day System hits weight gain at its source and enables your mind to turn your eating patterns around without you even recognizing it. You're not told what to eat, when or how much - that's all up to you. Some of the people who have been on the EWD System say they actually eat more now than they used to - and still the weight stays off.

* Do you feel people sometimes stare at you in disgust?

* Do you have trouble getting around without feeling exhausted?

* Do you yearn to be as thin as your friends - like you used to be?

* Do you want to get more respect from the people around you?

* Do you dread eating in public for fear of what people are thinking -and sometimes even saying?

If so, this fabulous new EWD System is for you.

In six easy steps, that culminate in a unique 31-Day Program, I will show you how to lose weight easily and painlessly and keep it off forever.

Wanted to let you know: I've lost 31 pounds so far. God, you're amazing! I would never have thought it possible before I read your book. Now it seems so obvious.Trixie Vissante, NSW, Australia

How did the EWD System come about?

I developed this system to deal with a serious weight problem I had a few years back. After honing and reworking the EWD System I eventually lost 110 pounds over 12 months.
Everyone I knew was amazed!

But I didn't want to tell them I had any kind of system. To be honest, I thought they would laugh at me. I really tried keeping it a secret but my family, at first, and then my friends, heard about it, saw the results and literally begged me for copies of it.

They wanted to try it and sure enough, after committing themselves to the 31-Day System, it worked every time.

My sister told me the System simply made her feel differently about everything: food, life and wealth. And that's how it works - altering your body and mind from the inside out.

The EWD System is holistic. It tackles who you are, where you are in your life and turns you around, pointing you towards all round health, wealth and happiness.

People who've experienced the EWD System come to me after a couple of months and say they can't believe how much weight they've lost, how much energy they have now and, best of all, how much more money they're making!

Rarely do I endorse anything... but my doctor said maybe I should! He says I haven't looked, or been as fit, as this in years. Ralph Gooden, OH, USA

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